Eri Iguchi is an illustrator, visual development, and concept artist from Japan/China. She was born in Japan and grew up in China, though interestingly does not speak anyChinese. She holds a BFA in Illustration from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, currently studying at the Academy of Arts University for her MFA. Her work features a whimsical drawing with a feel of watercolor and pastel. Eri enjoys working and experimenting with a wide range of styles and techniques. She aims to create a wide range of works that can best support a story. 

Email: eriiguchi20@gmail.com

Pervious media platform name: @torikahouse_M/@torikahouse

Now changed to: @eri_iguchi20 | @eriiguchi_works



- Japanese/English

- Adobe Photoshop 2020

- Adobe Fresco

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Email: eriiguchi20@gmail.com

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